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When you have been rendered unable to work due to a workplace injury or work-related illness, you may be entitled to receive disability benefits to ease the impact of mounting medical expenses while you are not earning. Ever-growing medical bills can easily swallow a household’s finances, even without happening at the exact same time as you have taken a drop in income. However, while you may indeed be entitled to these disability benefits, they are frequently denied, delayed or miscalculated by insurers, leaving you and your dependents facing financial hardship through no fault of your own.

Should this situation arise in your life, the silver lining is that a Santa Clarita disability benefits attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz has legal experience required to appeal the decision, and to recover exactly what you deserve.

The Various Types of Disability Benefit Available in Santa Clarita

An experienced attorney from our firm is the obvious choice when seeking legal representation for a disability benefits claim. Each of our lawyers is well-versed in this area of the law, focusing solely on workplace injuries and workers’ compensation benefits cases. Following a serious workplace illness or injury in Santa Clarita, the various types of disability benefit we could assist you in securing include:

Temporary Disability (TD) — If the injury keeps you off the job for more than three days, you may be eligible for temporary disability. These benefits are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage with a maximum amount depending on the year of your injury. In general, TD benefits will continue until you return to work, your primary treating physician clears you to work, or you reach the maximum of 104 weeks, whichever comes soonest.

Permanent Disability (PD) — If a lasting injury affects your ability to earn a living, you may be eligible for permanent disability. You can collect PD benefits even if you return to work. Permanent disability benefits are based on your impairment rating, expressed as a percentage.If there is a disagreement over your impairment rating or the treatment you require, your claim may be evaluated by a qualified medical evaluator (QME) or an agreed medical evaluator (AME). Our attorneys can prepare the request for reconsideration of the summary rating and argue your case before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. You can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to recover a positive outcome on your behalf.

Disability Settlements — Once any dispute over the disability rating you should receive is resolved, you may opt for a lump-sum settlement of the claim, subject to approval by a workers’ compensation judge. You might settle the entire claim (compromise and release) or settle the disability claim but retain the right to future medical care (stipulation with request for award). Our attorneys can help you decide what is in your best interests and, as such, the best option for you.

Secure the Legal Representation of an Outstanding Lawyer Now

Your claim for disability benefits, or appeal of a previous decision, could be significantly less stressful when your hire an expert attorney to handle it. To schedule your free initial consultation with our expert lawyers, call us today on 800-747-3447.