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Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers

California requires most employers to have workers’ compensation for any injury, illness or accident suffered on the job. Even though it is required many employers and their insurance companies will try not to compensate you for your injuries. Employees will sometimes be lead to believe that due to their medical records or history they may not be able to get compensated for their injuries. This is false. A prior history should not affect a new injury or illness. You have several options. Prior to filing a claim, contact our Los Angeles workplace injury attorneys to discuss your circumstances and have someone fighting for you. If you have already filed a claim and are running into roadblocks we can fight for you to obtain the compensation you are due. In either case, we will need to evaluate your case to determine the best course of action.

Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz have Los Angeles workplace injury attorneys who have been serving injured employees in Southern California since 1955. We have board-certified workers’ compensation specialist* on our team who know the law inside and out. We have encountered every type of workplace incident from stress injuries to repetitive motion injuries. Some workers may not even be aware that their incident qualifies as a workers’ compensation claim.

Who bears the cost of worker injuries?
50% Out of Pocket 21% Workers' Compensation 11% Federal Government 5% State and Local Government 13% Private Health Insurance

Types of Workplace Injuries

There are many types of workplace injury and our experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys have handled the following:

  • Repetitive Motions Injuries like carpal tunnel
  • Physical Injuries including falls, machine accident, back injuries etc.
  • Cardiac Injuries- Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Attacks and more
  • Stress Claims like sleep disorders, anxiety and depression
  • Aggravated previous injuries
  • Occupational Diseases like loss of vision, exposure to chemicals and hearing damage

These types of injuries can happen in any workplace and when you least expect it. Our attorneys have represented construction workers, clerical workers, police offices and warehouse workers among many others. Some injuries may be harder to recognize and prove but our attorneys know exactly how to help clients prove that their ailments were caused by work.

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You may think that your injury or accident is not covered under workers comp but that cannot be determined without consulting with a knowledgeable Los Angeles workplace injury attorney who can evaluate your circumstances and determine the best course of action. We aim to provide compassionate support and effective legal representation to injured workers. We want to protect the rights of workers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We want to stand up to those insurance companies and employers who want to deny your benefits. We use an aggressive approach to place you in the best position to succeed. The first step in filing your claim is to schedule a free case evaluation with our Los Angeles workplace injury attorneys. Contact us today by phone or by using our online contact form. There are tight deadlines to be aware of that we cannot delay on.

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Date published: 2018-11-14
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Look no further than KFSK if you are looking for representation after being injured on the job. Mark Sherry was my attorney and not only did he explain everything to me every step of the way, but he obtained a settlement that I didn’t believe was possible. I will continue to recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.