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If you sustained a work-related injury and need enough time off work in order to fully recover, your employer is responsible to provide you compensation through workers’ comp that will replace your lost wages. There is something called “temporary disability” (TD) you can receive for up to 104 weeks in California. Permanent disability, on the other hand, will cover injuries resulting in permanent impairment. You may also qualify for Social Security Disability insurance benefits (SSDI). However, if you are still collecting workers’ comp, you will receive less SSDI.

Temporary disability

When your injuries aren’t that severe requiring you to take time off work for less than 104 days, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits. These benefits are generally easier to get than permanent benefits. However, you will need to meet some requirements first. A Los Angeles Disability Benefits Attorney can tell you if your circumstances qualify for temporary disability and help you file a successful claim. Temporary disability benefits only last for 52 weeks in California and they cover about 60% of your wages.

Permanent disability

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits on a permanent basis, you don’t have to be unable to work. Some injuries can limit the worker’s ability to perform certain tasks so he or she can still collect some workers’ comp benefits related to the permanent disability. Workers who already recovered from work-related injuries will not qualify for these benefits. Remember that in order to prove your disability, you will have to submit your medical records. So it is important you inform your doctor of any symptoms or experiences that may require prolonged treatment.

Calculating your benefits

The type of compensation you receive depends on the type and nature of your injuries. If you have been permanently disabled, you should definitely hire a Los Angeles Disability Benefits Attorney. Your attorney can help you rate your disability properly so that you have more chances of qualifying for permanent benefits.

Negotiating your disability settlements

It is important you make an informed decision with the help of an experienced attorney. Sometimes insurance companies will not tell you about the impact a buyout will have on other benefits. In other words, they may offer to buy out your future disability benefits, which may not be beneficial in your particular situation. However, in some cases negotiating a lump-sum buyout can be beneficial, depending on how much the insurance company is willing to pay. But these are things only an experienced attorney can determine

What we can do for you

We understand disability benefits are the only chances you and your family may have to survive during your recovery. Disability is more common than you may think so it is okay and perfectly legal to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for long-term disability benefits. Don’t let one more day go by without bringing changes to your current situation. call us today and schedule a private consultation with one of our Disability Benefits Attorney in Los Angeles.