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Under California law, employers are legally obliged to implement a workers compensation scheme, intended to provide compensation to employees who have been injured, fallen ill, or been involved in an accident whilst on the job. Unfortunately for many employees in Lancaster and elsewhere in the state, your employer has such a scheme does not always mean you will receive payment of this compensation after a workplace injury. The insurance companies behind these worker’s compensation schemes can be prone to underpaying or denying valid claims, leaving people just like you out of pocket while they are unable to work. You may be led to believe that your medical history or a specific entry on your medical records disqualifies you from claiming, but this is not true.

Regardless of your medical history, you are entitled to claim workers compensation benefits after sustaining a workplace injury. A Lancaster workplace injury attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz could help you to file your claim in the first place or, if you have already done so only to face an obstacle, we could handle the dispute on your behalf.

Common Types of Lancaster Workplace Injuries

At Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz, we have been protecting the rights of workplace injury victims since 1955. This means we have over 60 years of experience, which can be used to protect your rights while claiming workers compensation benefits.

While every case is, of course, different, there are some common types of workplace injuries and your Lancaster workplace injury attorney will have successfully handled cases relating to:

  • Repetitive motions injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Physical injuries, including back injuries, falls, accidents involving equipment, and more
  • Cardiac injuries, such as hypertension or heart attack
  • Stress injuries and illness, for example, anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders
  • Aggravation of previous injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Occupational diseases, such as exposure to hazardous chemicals, loss of vision, and hearing damage

Of course, the nature of certain jobs means that some people are more at risk of workplace injury than others but our Lancaster attorneys have successfully handled claims filed by people in all types of employment.

As we work on behalf of construction workers, police officers, clerical workers and everyone in between, we encounter some workplace injuries which are more complex and difficult to prove than others but, regardless of how complicated your workplace injury claim is, we will strive to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Speak to a Lancaster Workplace Injury Attorney Today

No matter how difficult you feel it may be to obtain workers compensation benefits for your workplace injury or illness, you should not give up before you even try. By working with an experienced workplace injury attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz, you could benefit from a wealth of legal expertise, not to mention an attorney who is truly compassionate and empathetic towards your situation.

Of course, we cannot help if you do not instruct us to do so – schedule your initial consultation today by calling us on 818-812-5639 to find out how a Lancaster workplace injury attorney could be your key to receiving workers compensation benefits.