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When you go to work each morning, you probably do not expect to be injured while doing your job. Of course, the risk may vary depending on the nature of the role you are employed in but, in general, you should be safe in the workplace. Nonetheless, accidents do happen from time to time, and even the most careful and diligent employees can sustain injuries at work, through no fault of their own. Workers compensation benefits were created to enable employees, just like you, to take time away from work to recover and recuperate from workplace injuries, without facing financial ruin.

Unfortunately, in reality, your claim of workers compensation benefits may not be as straightforward as you may like. Your employer, or their insurance company, may try to deny your claim, or to pay out less than you are entitled to. This denial of adequate medical care can slow down the recovery of Lancaster workers compensation claimants, in addition to causing significant financial hardship for disabled or seriously injured workers and their families.

A Lancaster Workers Compensation Attorney Could Secure the Benefits You Deserve

If your employer or their insurance company is refusing to pay the workers compensation you believe you are entitled to, an experienced Lancaster attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz can use their legal knowledge to protect your rights. When you hire one of our workers compensation attorneys to handle your case, you could benefit from years of experience, and the wide array of relevant skills we have honed through working on cases like yours.

Only through instructing our Lancaster workers compensation attorneys to fight your case do you put yourself in the best position to obtain a successful verdict. While representing workers compensation claims based in Lancaster and surrounding areas, we have developed the outstanding litigation skills you require from your attorney.

You should not simply accept the substandard offer made to you by your employer, or their insurance company, nor should you rely on workers compensation law to ensure you receive what you are entitled to. Rather, you should speak to an experienced Lancaster workers compensation attorney as soon as possible to take the first steps towards recovering the benefits you deserve.

What Does California Workers Compensation Cover?

If you have been injured while in the workplace or carrying out your regular tasks, you could be entitled to recover workers compensation benefits. The financial compensation you claim could relieve the burden associated with your workplace injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses: Hospital bills, doctor’s visits, tests, x-rays, medical equipment and anything else necessitated by your injuries
  • Temporary disability, where your workplace injuries will require you to take no more than 104 weeks off work
  • Permanent disability benefits, where applicable

Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz Lancaster Workers Compensation Attorneys Could Help You Today

When you have had your workers compensation benefits claim reduced or rejected by your employer and their insurance company, you need an outstanding attorney to fight for your rights.

Whatever the circumstances of your workplace injury, a Lancaster workers compensation attorney could help you secure the benefits you are entitled to. To schedule your free consultation, call Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz today on 818-812-5639.