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Most of the time, when you get injured at work, it is a relatively minor affair, which you can soon move on from. Sometimes, it is much more than that. If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a workplace injury, you could benefit from the legal expertise of a Lancaster permanent disability attorney.

Aside from the trauma and pain inflicted by your injury, being unable to work and earn a wage could leave you and your family in significant financial difficulty, through no fault of your own. You will need financial assistance during this difficult time and employees in situations like yours are entitled to receive disability benefits. Of course, being entitled to a benefit does not mean you can easily claim it, which is where our experience and legal knowledge proves valuable. When your disability benefits are delayed or miscalculated, a Lancaster permanent disability attorney could be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

A permanent disability attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz will always seek full payment of benefits for both temporary and permanent disability, and will use the full power of our knowledge and experience to secure this on your behalf. Permanent disability claims, in particular, can be incredibly complex, so we have in-house specialists ready to provide expert guidance and support throughout your case.

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How a Lancaster Permanent Disability Attorney Could Help You

Aside from the obvious pain, permanent disability can be incredibly traumatic, as you struggle to come to terms with not being able to live your life as you used to. Even if you can return to work, your permanent disability will mean that your earning capacity is reduced, sometimes drastically. We feel strongly that this is not something you should simply have to accept. If you can work at all, you may believe that you are not entitled to claim disability benefits, but this not true.

Rather than being based on being able or unable to work, permanent disability benefits are calculated on a scale relating to your level of impairment. As such, if you can work, but cannot do what you were once able, you could be entitled to receive disability benefits. The level of impairment tends to be where insurance companies start to disagree, as they attempt to reduce the level of benefit you are entitled to.

Your Lancaster permanent disability attorney will ensure that your claim is not underpaid, by having it evaluated by an agreed medical evaluator (AME) or a qualified medical evaluator (QME). If required, we will appeal the decision with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and have your rating reconsidered.

When you discuss your case with a Lancaster permanent disability attorney, we will also assess whether you could be eligible for temporary disability benefits.

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The longer you wait to file your temporary or permanent disability benefits claim, the longer it can take to have it approved.

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