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When you have been injured in a workplace incident, you may require medical benefits to help you to recover, recuperate, and get back to work. While your employer’s workers compensation insurance scheme should entitle you to receive medical benefits, it is not uncommon for Lancaster employees to encounter issues when attempting to claim. For the most part, these workers compensation schemes are funded by insurance companies, meaning it is in their own interests to either minimize the financial benefits you receive, or deny your claim outright.

Should this happen to you, do not panic. Having a medical benefits claim denied or reduced can be an incredibly stressful experience, particularly when your family relies on your income, but an outstanding Lancaster medical benefits attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz could litigate on your behalf, protecting your rights and securing the workers compensation you deserve.

Medical Benefits Must Be Claimed Within a Strict Time Limit

One of the common reasons why medical benefits claims are rejected relates to the timeframe in which a claim can be filed. Under California law, which is applicable in Lancaster and surrounding areas, workers compensation claims must be submitted within the following timescales:

  • Your injury must be reported within 30 days, and the sooner the better
  • A workers compensation claim must be filed within one year of this date, where your insurance company has not paid any of the benefits
  • Where the insurance company has provided some benefits, a claim may be filed within 5 years

Leaving it too long before filing your claim can lead to suspicion about the validity and authenticity of your claim and, as such, it is recommended that you seek workers compensation benefits as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether you intend to claim medical benefits, all accidents and injuries, workplace or otherwise, should be reported immediately. Seek medical advice as soon as possible when you sustain any kind of injury.

Lancaster Medical Benefits Claim was Filed Promptly – Why Was It Denied?

As a Lancaster medical benefits attorney from Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz has extensive experience of handling cases of this type, they are familiar with the common reasons for denying claims like yours. Aside from the time issue, there are several reasons regularly given by insurance companies when reducing or outright rejecting claims.

Offsite and Preexisting Injuries – Sometimes medical benefits claims are denied as the insurance company believes that your injuries were sustained either outside of working hours, or were due to a preexisting condition.

Minor Injuries – If your injury is not believed to be severe enough to require time off work, your employer and their insurance company may deny your claim.

If your medical benefits claim has been rejected for any of the above reasons, or another which we have not mentioned, a highly-skilled Lancaster medical benefits attorney could help you to secure the benefits you are entitled to.

You should not suffer alone after a workplace injury. At Koszdin, Field, Sherry & Katz, we understand how devastating the impact of losing your income can be, for both you and your family.

To enlist the services of an expert Lancaster medical benefits attorney, schedule your free initial consultation today by calling us on 818-812-5639.