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Electrical injuries at work

While there are many different types of injuries that can occur while you are at work in California, electrical injuries may be one of the least expected, but also one of the most dangerous. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz understand the risks associated with these injuries and can help you fight for the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one were killed or injured during an electrical accident at work.

Back injuries in the workplace

While any body part can be injured in a workplace accident, one of the most common areas to feel pain is your back. This is because you use your back muscles for many tasks and can strain it with either a sudden movement or slowly over a long period of time. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz can work to get you the help you need if your back has been injured at your job in California.

Ladder Accidents at Work

While most employers make efforts to protect their employees while they are working, it is still possible that you will become a victim of one of the many workplace accidents that happen every day across the state of California. Some of the most common sources of employee injuries are ladder accidents. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz work to protect you from this type of mishap as well as help you get the treatment you need if you do become injured.

What you may not know about workplace injuries

While you may be aware that certain industries in California may be more dangerous than others, you may not realize just how many workers are killed or injured at their jobsites each year. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz work hard to make sure that you are protected at work and will receive the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one suffers a workplace injury.

Getting compensation for a workplace injury

Most workplace injuries are brought about by unavoidable circumstances, but in most cases, they are due to employer negligence. A workplace injury can be described as an on-the-job injury that includes both mental and physical injuries such as a back injury, spine injury, and brain injury, among others. These workers' injuries warrant for workers' compensation.

What are the top causes of workplace injuries?

When it comes to workplace injuries, some activities and tasks are more likely to cause you serious bodily damage than others. You may be curious to know whether your injury is common or one that not many employees experience. Insurance Journal details some of leading causes of workplace injuries for employees in California as well as across the country.

Worker injured after 20-foot fall at California construction site

Of all the accidents that take place on construction sites, falls are the by far the most common. There are a range of reasons for this. Sometimes workers get careless and hop up on the scaffolding to do a quick job. Other times, the company doesn't provide its workers with the proper harness equipment. And then there are times when holes of dig sites are properly marked.

Seeking Compensation from Cases Related to Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are widely considered as some of the most common hazards experienced by workers in various occupations. In most cases, workers are susceptible to dangerous risks especially in professions dealing in construction and the movement of heavy materials. If an accident occurs, an employee is most likely to sustain a back injury or even a neck injury in the worst case scenario. Whatever the circumstances are, you are entitled to fair compensation to expedite your recovery process and cover lost wages.

Common knee injuries at the workplace

If your job entails constant movement, you can put a great deal of stress on your knees. We use our knees when we walk, kneel, crawl and lift. And some jobs, such as installing flooring and carpeting, involve putting much of the body's weight on the knees for many hours a day.

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