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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Late-night construction endangers California workers

Performing road construction work at night does offer several benefits to workers, as it allows them to avoid conditions like midday heat and rush hour traffic. That is why many major construction projects on California roadways are performed primarily after dark. However, late-night construction projects can subject workers to a number of other dangerous conditions, such as poor visibility and driver negligence.

Fatal construction accident prompts criminal charges

Construction workers typically understand that they are subject to a number of work-related hazards that simply don’t exist in other fields. It’s for that reason that California state and federal safety guidelines are implemented to specifically address a large number of concerns and scenarios confronted by construction workers on a daily basis. Ultimately, however, such precautions are only effective in promoting worker safety if they are properly implemented by construction employers and managers.

Company admits poor safety caused accident

Jobsite accidents can cause injuries that may be minor or result in serious life-long disabilities for workers. California law governing workplace safety provides clear direction to employers to provide adequate procedures and training to prevent construction injuries or other on-the-job accidents. The construction sector is among one of the more dangerous with its use of heavy machinery and heights.

Falling rebar kills construction worker at San Diego airport

In California, the risk of a construction worker accident seems ever present. In some cases, a physical injury in an on-the-job accident can leave an employee in need of filing workers’ compensation or getting other forms of assistance. In the case of a fatal construction accident, family members of the victim are left with a deep void forever and co-workers that may have witnessed the incident will forever have the scene in their memories.

Three employees injured by 2000 pounds of falling debris

The construction industry is known to have a high rate of danger and accident risk associated with it. By its very nature, California construction workers are often in precarious situations, at extreme heights or manipulating heavy items or machinery. A single construction accident can result in serious injury or even death. Common accidents involve defective tools, crushes or falls. Injured workers can be in need of workers’ compensation or other help in the wake of their injuries. Sometimes the reason for an accident is easy to identify and other times investigations are more complex.

Two workers injured on the job after scaffolding collapses

Getting injured on the job can be a very trying experience to go through. First off, you have to deal with the injury itself, including the treatment and recovery process. Secondly, you have to deal with medical bills and the fact that you might be losing income because you can no longer work. The last thing anyone who has been hurt on the job in Los Angeles should have to worry about is whether or not he or she will receive a fair amount of worker’s compensation.

Worker falls from scaffolding at Steven Tyler's LA home

It's well known that construction work is some of the most dangerous work in the world, and construction workers should be greatly admired for the jobs that they do. Our society would be vastly different and vastly worse if employees in the construction industry didn't risk life and limb to make life better for the rest of us.

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