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October 2016 Archives

Are you lacking treatment and compensation that you deserve?

Workers in numerous industries throughout the country go without treatment and fair compensation for legitimate work-related injuries every day. Why? Because they are not properly informed of their rights, or else they are not aware that an injury they have suffered does, in fact, qualify as a work-related injury.

Suing employer after an accident is rare, but it can happen

One of the first reactions that many people have when they are injured on the job is "when can I sue my employer for this incident?" While there are cases where you are allowed to do that, if you are covered by workers' compensation (and nearly all workers are) then you probably won't have the ability to sue your employer. Workers' compensation functions as a "no fault" system. Thus, you essentially give up your ability to sue your employer on the condition that they supply you with workers' comp.

Been in a workplace accident? Legal help may be necessary.

Imagine walking into work like any other day. You clock in, get ready as usual, and then prepare to stock up the shelves. But today is a little different because your supervisor comes over and alerts you to some boxes that need to be moved as soon as possible. These boxes are in a precarious position, one that could lead to people suffering injuries if they were to fall. So here you are, placed in a dangerous position yourself so that you can clear out these boxes.

Repetitive stress injuries covered by California workers' comp

The ability to work is part of your livelihood --- without it, you wouldn't know where to begin in paying your bills and providing a roof over your head. At times, it's easy to take safety at work for granted. Many people do not realize that working in almost any job poses risks for injury - even in an office setting. With that, comes the question of what you would do if you were injured and unable to continue working, either temporarily or permanently.

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