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August 2014 Archives

Paid sick leave secured in another California city

Many studies conducted through the years have found that workers are more productive when they are happy and healthy. Not only does providing employees with paid sick leave and other employment benefits help to minimize personal financial difficulties resulting from illness but it is also known to promote employee satisfaction and retention. That is why cities all across the state of California are considering changes to policies regarding workplace injuries and illnesses.

Fatal construction accident prompts criminal charges

Construction workers typically understand that they are subject to a number of work-related hazards that simply don’t exist in other fields. It’s for that reason that California state and federal safety guidelines are implemented to specifically address a large number of concerns and scenarios confronted by construction workers on a daily basis. Ultimately, however, such precautions are only effective in promoting worker safety if they are properly implemented by construction employers and managers.

Some California caregivers not protected against work injuries

Professional caregivers across the state of California work in a huge number of different environments. Often times, caregivers are expected to not only provide for the medical needs of their patients but also account for patients’ physical and mental well-being. Performing caregiver duties can be increasingly difficult, not to mention dangerous, in cases where a particular disease can cause mental instability and/or violent behavior in the patient.

Man crushed to death by falling concrete slab

Employees in any industry can suffer from work-related illnesses or sustain injuries due to accidents that happen on the job. Some workers, however, experience far higher risks of such things than others. Californians who work in the construction or industrial sectors, for example, are naturally exposed to more dangers on a daily basis than people who work in other sectors. A single workplace injury can happen in the blink of an eye and be caused by an unsafe working environment or other safety hazard.

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