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Former police officer gets workers' compensation settlement

When a person thinks of work injuries, usually some type of fall or other similar accident comes to mind. However, not all work-related injuries are physical. Many times work conditions can cause stress and anxiety, which can also lead to a person being unable to work. If a person in the Los Angeles area is dealing with this kind of situation then he or she may also be eligible for workers' compensation.

A former police offer at the University of California, Davis has settled a workers’ compensation claim with the university system. The man reportedly was involved in a situation on campus with Occupy protestors. The former officer was caught on video using pepper spray on the protestors during a rally. According to reports that video was posted online and went viral.

The 40-year-old former officer claims that he and his family received death threats because of the incident. He also claims that he suffered anxiety and depression because of these threats. After the video went viral some of the man’s personal information, including his address, were also posted online. The former officer was eventually fired after a period of paid administrative leave. The settlement was reportedly for $38,000.

Any kind of work-related injury can be reason for receiving workers’ compensation in the state of California, whether it’s physical or mental. Anxiety, stress and sleep problems caused by a situation at work are all valid reasons to claim workers’ comp. Anyone who has suffered any kind of work-related health issue should probably consider speaking with an experienced worker’s comp attorney in order to make sure he or she receives fair compensation.

Source: Fox News, “UC Davis pepper spray cop gets $38G workers' compensation,” Oct. 24, 2013.

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