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July 2013 Archives

Strike at Wal-Mart follows numerous OSHA complaints

An employer's responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all employees should not be taken lightly. Laws are clear and created for the purpose of ensuring all workers the right to perform their job duties without the risk of unnecessary injuries. Workers' compensation laws and insurance as well as the existence of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration emphasize the importance of this in our country.

Safety at California oil refineries topic for new task force

Safety on job sites throughout California is always a concern to workers and regulators alike. Some industries, such as construction or farming, are inherently more dangerous than others. Oil refineries also carry a relatively high chance of workplace accidents. It only takes one safety hazard to cause an accident on the job that may result in injury and a resulting workers’ compensation claim.

Report shows California with third highest job injury rate

Workplace safety should always be a high priority for employers. All workers deserve a safe and appropriate working environment. Some jobs carry a greater chance for injury than others, requiring even greater diligence on the part of employers. An on-the-job injury such as a fall, spine injury, back injury and more can lead to unexpected medical costs and lost wages for employees.

Construction site falls highlighted in new OHSA regulations

Falls are a primary source of injury accidents on both commercial and residential construction sites. Workers’ compensation claims often result from such accidents to help protect the injured workers and their families. A scaffolding fall or ladder fall can be serious, if not fatal. An injured construction worker may incur medical expenses as well as be unable to work, causing loss of income after an on-the-job accident.

Safe workplace called for by staff at mental health care facility

Care facility employees have a responsibility to provide proper treatment of patients at all times. They also have the right to know they are safe from injury and will be taken care of in the event that a workplace accident or injury does occur. When dealing with people that have special needs, this can be a delicate subject.

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