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Reasonable and appropriate treatment for your workplace injury

One of the purposes of California’s workers’ compensation insurance requirement is to ensure that you receive the medical care you need after a workplace injury. Your employer could purchase a policy through a company, or it could be self-insured, but going without and failing to provide you with resources for treatment is against the law. The legal team at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry & Katz understands the medical benefits workers are entitled to, and how to ensure that these are not denied.

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, state laws are specific about the type of care you should receive, and they also refer to medical treatment guidelines. There are both published and unpublished guidelines, but those that are not in the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s medical treatment utilization schedule have certain requirements. They must be recommended by your doctor, and they must follow scientifically based guidelines, as well.

Know your health care rights for workers' compensation

Being injured at work comes with a lot of unknowns. You don't know how bad the injury is, how long you will have to remain off work, or what the healing process will entail. This puts you into a bit of a bind because you can't get your bills paid or get the medical care that you need with the mere hope that you will eventually be able to work again.

One option that injured workers have is to file a workers' compensation claim that can help them to get medical care, disability benefits while they work on healing, and other benefits. When you have to file for these benefits, you need to make sure that you know your rights. This is important because you need to ensure that you get what is due to you. Here are some points you should know about medical care after you are hurt at work.

Workers trapped in wet concrete after collapse

Construction workers in California know that theirs is a highly regulated industry when it comes to safety on the job site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines very clear guidelines for what type of safety measures are to be followed and what type of training workers should have for different things. The goal is always to keep employees safe while working in what is known to be a dangerous line of work.

A concrete company that operates in the Bay Area is reported to have been investigated multiple times by OSHA in the last few years. One of those investigations actually resulted the company being issued a serious violation for not appropriately protecting its workers. Now the company looks ready to be involved in yet another investigation by the safety agency after the collapse of part of a building being worked on at a site in Oakland.

What determines if an injury qualifies for workers' compensation?

Being injured at work is a shock. Most employees are very safe and do everything they can to continue working and earning a living. If you are injured on-the-job, you should learn about the options that you have for dealing with the financial burden you now face.

One of the options that you might have is to file for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits can help you get the medical care you need. They can also replace part of the wages you should be earning but can't.

If you are filing for workers' compensation, you might have questions about what types of injuries are compensable. The answer to this isn't as easy as what it might seem as there are several things to consider.

Can I refuse dangerous work?

While following your employer’s instructions is generally a good thing, there are some situations that may require you to break the rules. If you have ever felt that you were in danger during a work assignment in California, you may have wondered what your legal rights were and whether or not your job would be protected if you refused. Here is what the United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration has to say.


Ladder Accidents at Work

While most employers make efforts to protect their employees while they are working, it is still possible that you will become a victim of one of the many workplace accidents that happen every day across the state of California. Some of the most common sources of employee injuries are ladder accidents. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz work to protect you from this type of mishap as well as help you get the treatment you need if you do become injured.


Using proper self care at work can help keep you functioning

When you are working, you have to be careful about how you move. Certain tasks, such as lifting, come with risks of injury. You might not realize it, but even sitting or standing might lead to injuries if you aren't following proper techniques.

No matter what type of job you do, you can benefit from using these tips.

What to do if your medical benefits are denied

Enduring the stress of a workplace accident in California can become even worse if your medical benefits are denied. Bills that you thought would be covered may not be, threatening to cause you financial ruin. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz understand this dilemma and work to ensure that you get the help you deserve.


Repetitive motion injuries might lead to workers' compensation

Many jobs, including retail jobs and factory work, entail doing the exact same thing over and over again. While this does make for some fairly predictable work, it can also lead to serious issues if you end up suffering from a repetitive motion injury.

In California, repetitive motion injuries, which are also known as cumulative traumas, are compensable under the workers' compensation program as long as the injury was caused by or aggravated by job duties. There are some very specific things to think about if you hold a job that is associated with these injuries.

The true cost of back injury rehabilitation

Many workers in Los Angeles face the potential of back injuries every time they go in to work, whether it's because they have physically demanding jobs or because they perform a lot of repetitive, stressful movements. Unfortunately, back injuries can really put a dent in someone's ability to work, and rehabilitation can be costly in more than just a monetary sense.

Spine-health reminds workers that an injury doesn't have to be extreme to make a big impact on a worker's life. Many people are unaware of the fact that even pulled back muscles can take up to a month to heal. This means that the worker is effectively unable to bend or do any heavy lifting during the recovery period. Depending on their job, this might have a huge impact on their productivity at the workplace. They can require lots of different medications as well, like muscle relaxants and painkillers, which can negatively impact a worker's productivity and ability to focus or perform at the top of their skill level.

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