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What to do if your medical benefits are denied

Enduring the stress of a workplace accident in California can become even worse if your medical benefits are denied. Bills that you thought would be covered may not be, threatening to cause you financial ruin. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz understand this dilemma and work to ensure that you get the help you deserve.


Repetitive motion injuries might lead to workers' compensation

Many jobs, including retail jobs and factory work, entail doing the exact same thing over and over again. While this does make for some fairly predictable work, it can also lead to serious issues if you end up suffering from a repetitive motion injury.

In California, repetitive motion injuries, which are also known as cumulative traumas, are compensable under the workers' compensation program as long as the injury was caused by or aggravated by job duties. There are some very specific things to think about if you hold a job that is associated with these injuries.

The true cost of back injury rehabilitation

Many workers in Los Angeles face the potential of back injuries every time they go in to work, whether it's because they have physically demanding jobs or because they perform a lot of repetitive, stressful movements. Unfortunately, back injuries can really put a dent in someone's ability to work, and rehabilitation can be costly in more than just a monetary sense.

Spine-health reminds workers that an injury doesn't have to be extreme to make a big impact on a worker's life. Many people are unaware of the fact that even pulled back muscles can take up to a month to heal. This means that the worker is effectively unable to bend or do any heavy lifting during the recovery period. Depending on their job, this might have a huge impact on their productivity at the workplace. They can require lots of different medications as well, like muscle relaxants and painkillers, which can negatively impact a worker's productivity and ability to focus or perform at the top of their skill level.

What you may not know about workplace injuries

While you may be aware that certain industries in California may be more dangerous than others, you may not realize just how many workers are killed or injured at their jobsites each year. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz work hard to make sure that you are protected at work and will receive the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one suffers a workplace injury.


The most common ways your insurance may deny benefits

While you expect that your California insurance company will provide for your necessary health care needs, some providers do everything they can to avoid paying out money. This can not only put you in an uncomfortable situation with your doctor’s billing department, but also have detrimental effects on your finances and credit. At Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz, we work hard to make sure that you get the benefits you deserve.


California workers should be protected from chemical hazards

Although many workers in California may not be working directly with large vats of chemicals, they may still be exposed to dangerous substances on a daily basis. The California Department of Public Health has a Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service with the goal of preventing workers from being injured or developing illnesses from chemicals.

The scientific information provided about a substance may be difficult for an employer to decode, but the HESIS program studies the data and provides guidance to companies, unions and workers on how to interact with it. This may include health alerts for a new chemical, or hazards that had not been previously reported on those already in the workplace. Professionals also develop safety standards and recommend protections for workers.

5 hazards nurses face when they work

Nurses are the backbone of the medical field. Without nurses, hospitals, doctors offices and clinics would find it difficult to care for patients. Some patients might find it hard to get help they need because they usually count on nurses, nursing assistants, and caregivers to take care of them in their home. People who handle all of these jobs are at an increased risk being injured in accidents or coming down will illnesses simply because of job hazards. This is unacceptable, especially when work places don't take adequate steps to prevent these from occurring.

#1: Falls

What to do if your workers’ compensation claim is denied

If you are hurt at work, you are likely trying to manage injury recovery, pay medical bills and find a way to earn an income during the process. Each of these can become much more difficult if you find that your workers’ compensation claim was denied. We at Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz know that agencies in the state of California may try to avoid giving out money whenever possible, so we counter denials and fight for clients’ rights to adequate compensation and assistance.


How to obtain medical benefits for a work-related injury

What do you do when you get injured on the job? Employers are required by law to take out a workers' compensation insurance, which provides payments to take care of medical bills in case of a workplace injury. Despite this, the system is not usually friendly to injured workers. Employers and insurance firms often refuse injured workers their medical benefits. Further, an injured worker cannot choose where to go to receive medical care; instead, they are required to select a designated health professional from the medical provider network.

In case of disputes regarding medical benefits, a worker cannot sue their employer since workers' comp is a type of insurance cover. It should be noted that the insurance does not cover cases where it is proven that the worker was intoxicated or otherwise incapacitated at the time of injury. It is also not applicable if the injury was self-inflicted, or if the worker was in contravention of the company's policy at the time of injury. Though modest, the insurance payments usually cover:

· The cost of medical care

· Compensation for permanently disabling injuries

· The cost of retraining

· Compensation to the surviving family in case a worker dies while on the job 

Getting compensation for a workplace injury

Most workplace injuries are brought about by unavoidable circumstances, but in most cases, they are due to employer negligence. A workplace injury can be described as an on-the-job injury that includes both mental and physical injuries such as a back injury, spine injury, and brain injury, among others. These workers' injuries warrant for workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation highlights that an employee is entitled to certain benefits from your employer, or employer's insurer, in the case of a workplace accident. This compensation is not applicable in the case of employee fault or intoxication. Therefore, it is important for an employee to follow the rules and regulations of the workplace so as to avoid accidents while working. However, if one suffers workplace injuries, it advisable to follow all compensation procedures in place. This will enable you to avoid the suspension or loss of the benefits. The coverage of workers' compensation is based on whether an individual is an employee or not, and whether the workers' injuries occurred as a result of the job. The compensation can come in two forms:

• Lost wages

• Rehabilitation

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